Thursday, May 12, 2005

XBox 360 Revealed

Microsft just finished announcing the new XBox 360 on MTV. While the special was actually pretty lame (you can tell MS played a bigger role producing then MTV), the system looks amazing!!! I was hoping Microsoft would try and make the 360 the center of the digital entertainment living room and they didn't let me down. Here are the highlights in my opinion:
  • Built in Wi-Fi to easily tap into home networks
  • A 20 gig hard drive that is upgraded
  • A free level of XBox live for game downloads and micropurchases (a potentially huge revenue stream)
  • Built in Windows Media Center Extender making the XBox a stereo, DVR, etc
  • An interchangeable faceplate so the box can blend into your decor (and your signficant wife won't yell about it sitting out)
  • HD capabilities (and what appears to be a partnership with Samsung based on the co-branded commercial that ran during the MTV special)

The biggest question that went unanswered is whether or not the box will be backwards compatable with current XBox games. Big mistake if it isn't. Also, rumor has it that Halo 3 is coming out in 2005 for the launch. While MS didnt confirm the rumor, it would explain why Halo 2's storyline ended so abruptly. Overall, marketers take note. If gaming wasnt on your radars yet, it better be by Holiday 2005.


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