Sunday, May 08, 2005

Much ado about nothing

Today's NY Times features a story in which Nick Denton, the much hyped publisher of Gawker and other high profile blogs, claims the hype of blogs is overstated and overrated. Here are just a few of the thought provoking snippets:

"The hype comes from unemployed or partially employed marketing professionals and people who never made it as journalists wanting to believe," Denton said. "They want to believe there's going to be this new revolution and their lives are going to be changed."

"There are too many people looking at blogs as being some magic bullet for every company's marketing problem, and they're not," Denton added. "It's Internet media. It's just the latest iteration of Internet media."


Blogger Johnnie M said...

Hi Dave. I think Nick's setting up a bit of a straw man here and then burning it.

Also, so what if some bloggers are under-employed? Does that mean they're not entitled to express a point-of-view? Likewise, maybe some failed as journalists because they didn't fit the stereotype - and blogs allow for more diverse voices.

5:40 AM  
Blogger Dave Knox said...

Hey Johnnie,
Agree competely in your comments. I was pretty shocked that Denton was so blunt in his thoughts....

10:55 AM  

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