Thursday, April 14, 2005

Immersive Advertising

First off, apologies on the delay in any posting. Been out in Vegas for the past week at an interactive conference and then a bachelor party for a friend of mine. And let's face it, after a week in Vegas, you need a break :)

Anyways, we're in the midst of a campaign with Neopets right now. If you don't know what Neopets is, well they are one of the stickiest sites on the Internet with the average user spending over an hour on the site when they visit. For the marketer, they practice something called Immersive Advertising....think of it as a more natural product integration. For instance, on the site you can visit the Disney theatre and see movie trailers or go play a Secret Sparkle Body Spray themed game. Pretty cool stuff and it works too! Just in the first couple of days of us launching our game, we didn't just see thousands of game plays, but hundreds of thousands of plays. I'll take that type of brand immersion any day.


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