Sunday, March 20, 2005

Damn basketball

Well I haven't been the best at posting this week thanks to March Madness. Apologies for that.

Friday I received an invite to an interactive agency's client summit in early April. The premise is a two day meeting where the company brings in all of their clients and hosts a conference on interactive and where the space is going. This is really a great idea for a company for two reasons. First off, agencies are meant to be experts on a subject and to lead strategic thinking in a space. Often though, the clients are so caught up in the tactical executions, that they don't give agencies the chance to show what they can really do. Second, this is a great value add for clients. You could pay $1000 or more for a similiar conference but instead your partner is giving this to you. Plus let's not forget it's also a sales opportunity. They can invite potential clients, show off their capabilities and get endorsements from current clients that are having a great time out of the office. Frankly I'm surprised more agencies or vendors even don't do similiar events. Sure some sponsor conferences....but why sponsor when you could host and make the whole event about you?


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