Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Some people do get it

After all the rants about "commercializing blogs" yesterday, I decided to ask the AdRants community over at Soflow what they thought. Turns out there are plenty of people that "get it" when it comes to how blogs can be multi-dimensional in their purpose. Read the talk yourself, but here are some great insightful highlights.
Harry Webber, one of the best minds on Madison Ave kicked things off when he wrote:
For the most part the so-called "blog community" are far from sophisticated marketers. They are generally enraptured by their own recent notoriety ( not to mention the sound of their own movable type). The blog community is just one more affinity group looking to define its place in a media-saturated universe by screaming as loud a s it can, rather then as effectively as it can.
Steve Hall, the guru of AdRants, added that:

"There will always be a a non-commercial blog sub culture as well as a very commercialized blog culture. It's the same with every other segment of life. It's inevitable."


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