Saturday, February 26, 2005

Every new beginning...

I figure it's necesary for the first post on here be an introduction of sort. Well for the summary of me, check out my profile. As for this blog, it's going to be my chance to talk about the world of marketing today. What's the good...what's the bad...and what's the ugly. Marketing has changed since the days of where you could reach everyone with just a few :30 second commercials. Hell, even just a couple of years ago, a guy like me would have to work for a newspaper just to share my thoughts in writing. But that's not the case anymore (but you already know that since you're reading). Now the world is filled with blogs, , text messaging, podcasting...the list goes on and on. This is going to be my chance to talk about things. Hopefully at the end day, you'll like what I write more than you don't...but we'll just have to see.


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